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Android Applications

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Embarking on the realm of Android development, I've had the opportunity to create a collection of distinctive applications that underscore my skills and creativity, all meticulously crafted using Java.

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For a closer look at each app and to download them, visit the Google Play Store (opens in a new tab) and enhance your Android device with entertaining and functional applications!

Native Android Applications:

  1. Simply-A-Calculator: This user-friendly calculator app, proficient in handling basic arithmetic operations, exemplifies the simplicity and functionality of native Android development.

  2. Tic-Tac-Toe: Offering the classic game of tic-tac-toe, this native Android application provides an enjoyable gaming challenge with a touch of familiarity.

  3. Black-Tiles: A native Android rendition of the popular "Piano Tiles" app, Black-Tiles brings the thrill of rapid tapping and precision to users, showcasing the potential of Java in native app development.

  4. Car Rush: This native Android arcade game requires skillful navigation and shooting of incoming cars, delivering a captivating gaming experience.

Cross-Platform Applications

In addition to native Android development, I've also explored the realm of Cross-Platform Applications, leveraging technologies that transcend platforms seamlessly. These applications provide a unified experience across different operating systems, expanding the reach of my creations.