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No longer working on this project.


The Food application is a project developed for the Unit SOFT2412 (opens in a new tab) at the University of Sydney. It is built using the Spring (opens in a new tab) framework, JSP (opens in a new tab), and utilizes the H2 (opens in a new tab) database. The application aims to provide a platform for users to browse a menu, customize orders, add items to the cart, and proceed to checkout. It also includes features for admin users to manage food items and user roles. The use of Spring and JSP allows for efficient and scalable development, while the H2 database ensures reliable data storage and retrieval. Overall, the Food application showcases the integration of various technologies to create a user-friendly and functional web-based solution for managing food orders.


The website will take some time to initilizae. Referesh the page if it doesn't open properly.

Tech Stack

The Food application is built using a variety of technologies, each contributing to a specific aspect of the application. Here's a brief overview of the tech stack:


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